Time to go Spring/Summer Clothes Shopping with Rhea Lana’s! #sponsored

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, in exchange for this post I will receive an early shopping pass to attend Rhea Lana’s so I can share a personal review of my shopping experience. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

So, although there is still ice on the ground and we even had a few snow flurries early this morning, I’m actually getting ready to go shopping for Abby’s Spring and Summer wardrobe.

Crazy right? How in the world can I think of shorts and dresses and even swimsuits when we’re still dealing with old man winter?

Well, even though winter does seem determined to stick around…



Pretty Spring days and warmer weather will (hopefully) soon arrive. I don’t know about you but for me, that means it is definitely time to go through my child’s closet and try to figure out what might still fit, what is too small and what she’s going to need for the upcoming warmer weather months. Yes, it’s a very exhausting job and one I never look forward to mainly because it never fails… I end up with a huge stack of too small clothing and very few that will still hopefully fit once the temps warm up. This means I always have to go shopping for an entirely new wardrobe each season.

Needless to say, it was just as I predicted. Almost nothing leftover from last summer is going to fit for this Spring.

*sigh* my child grows too much 🙂

Lucky me, Rhea Lana’s Children Consignment Sale for the Spring has arrived which means not only can I shop for great clothing but I can also sell that massive pile of too small clothing (plus outgrown toys, long forgotten movies, etc.).  I absolutely love shopping at Rhea Lana’s and I usually manage to get Abby’s entire wardrobe (including shoes plus new toys and movies) for each season. And I’m talking super cute, name brand clothing in amazing condition! Seriously, I have scored some really awesome pieces in years past and I can’t wait to see what I manage to find this year. And being able to consign makes my shopping experience even better because I’m literally making money while I shop! How awesome is that?! In the past, I have actually managed to make more than what I spend so not only am I making money while shopping, I’m basically shopping for free because I’m making back everything I spend.

Yep, that is what finally convinced me to get things together and actually consign for this year’s sale. I didn’t want to, I didn’t feel like it but I knew I had to go shopping for things Abby’s needs and it made more sense to sell what I don’t need and try to make a little money to cover what I spend on her new stuff.

Money is tight, my budget doesn’t allow of much shopping but she needs the clothes so this is the perfect chance to try and make an even swap. Spend a set amount and (hopefully) make back that same amount. It sounded like a great plan to me anyways 🙂

Plus, I keep reminding myself of last Fall when I missed every single consignment sale! Yeah, I was pretty bummed out about that but I was so ill and I was preparing for brain surgery at the time. Although I knew Abby would need clothes I just couldn’t focus on shopping while dealing with everything else. I also think the sale for my area started at the same time as my surgery so I didn’t give shopping a second thought.

That is until my child suddenly outgrew everything and needed winter clothes! The cold weather arrived and we had to do some major shopping since no only did she need something warm to wear, she also needed stuff to wear to therapy three times a week now.

What I remember the most is heading to the store with my mom, looking for great sale prices, finding what we needed and spending so very much on just a couple of outfits. I compared what we spent to what I normally spend at Rhea Lana’s and I was blown away. We shopped during a great in store sale event yet spent well over $100 on just a handful of tops and pants. Back in the Spring, I got well over 50 items for just a little more than $100. I got tons of dresses, tops, outfits, shorts, sandals, even a few toys for the same price as what we paid for just a few items! Her entire Spring wardrobe was covered, including shoes, for what I paid for maybe a weeks worth of outfits. And everything at the Spring sale was Gymboree, Children’s Place, Old Navy, Crazy 8, cute Seersucker dresses, all big name brands where as what we got in the Fall wasn’t. Now don’t get me wrong, what we got in the Fall was super cute and great little pieces that she got lots of wear out of and were a name brand but the comparison was still mind boggling. And it easily showed me that shopping consignment sales really is worth it!

Now usually this is where I share my “getting ready for the sale” pictures and experience but I slacked off this time and seriously waited until the very last minute to get things done. Plus our oh so lovely winter weather didn’t help things at all, definitely caused delays for everything. I did plan ahead to an extent and had a stack of clothing ready but last night I was still rushing around searching for stored away tubs of outgrown clothing, hunting down DVDs that needed to find a new home and was up until 4AM entering everything into the system. Yes, I was exhausted but it was my own fault. I just couldn’t decide about the sale and then of course I did and had to scramble to get things down. The good news? We got it all done! Everything was tagged, bagged and ready to go by the time Abby got done with therapy! I headed to drop everything off with a very cranky Abby for company, trying to get it all done with her “help” wasn’t fun but I managed. She of course spied tons of toys she wanted and informed me of what to go back and buy when I head out to shop during the early shopping time.

Yeah, another great reason to sign up and cosign!! Early shopping! Oh this is so awesome and after my first year, I can’t stand waiting to go shop. I love shopping early!

So… my words of advice:

  • Do not wait until the last minute if you want to cosign
  • Do not take a cranky little one with you on drop-off day
  • Either cosign or sign up as a volunteer and earn a pass to shop early
  • Definitely shop at your local Rhea Lana’s Children’s Consignment Event! You’ll never go back to shopping full retail!

Head over to the Rhea Lana’s website to look up when a sale event will be in your area, learn more about signing up to cosign and discover even more about this great consignment sale!

Why do I love Rhea Lana’s so much? That’s simple, I can buy great quality clothing at affordable prices. Wait, that sounds too “salesperson/commercial” doesn’t it? Over the years Rhea Lana’s has definitely become my favorite children’s consignment sale and it is the only one I will consign at. Rhea Lana’s was actually my very first consignment shopping experience years ago when my niece was little and it has remained my favorite for many reason:

  • Rhea Lana’s is one of the very few sales events where I find quite a bit of what I’m looking for. I find so many adorable clothes and home decor and toys, I never walk out disappointment.
  • Rhea Lana’s does an amazing job about checking for stained clothing, checking quality of items, the sale event is kept extremely organized with big signs that help you locate exactly what you’re looking for. It’s so neat and organized, the volunteers do an amazing job and it makes the shopping experience so much better.
  • I feel confident when consigning because I know that if something goes wrong like my items being misplaced or someone dishonestly switching tags on stuff, my items are covered. Other sales do not cover items. This was a huge plus for me with Rhea Lana’s. (They do not cover in the case of a natural disaster.)
  • It’s a great environment and again this goes back to the workers. People are nice and helpful and you can always find someone to ask for help. Plus there are people to help you if you happen to need help loading items or carrying things. Another huge plus for me especially with a medical condition that often leaves me not feeling so great and a husband who usually has to work on sale weekends (or says he does… I think he’s avoiding me ;))
  • The quality of clothing is great, you definitely find the really nice name brand stuff at affordable prices. And the selection is just outstanding!
  • Did I mention I am always happy with my purchases and always manage to get Abby’s entire wardrobe for less or the same as what I would pay for just a few things at normal stores?

This is why you always hear me talk to much about Rhea Lana’s! I look forward to the sale events each Spring and Fall and I love sharing with others the awesome finds I manage to get for my daughter. I’ll be sharing my shopping experience for this weekend next week so make sure to stop back by and see what all I manage to find!

Here’s a teeny tiny sneak peek from when we dropped off my items today…

 photo (36)

Oh my gosh, I saw so many awesome items, I can’t wait to go shopping! If you are in the Little Rock, North Little Rock, Jacksonville area (or feel like a fun road trip) you should definitely stop by the Greater Little Rock Sale! It starts this Sunday, March 9th!

While you wait for my shopping experience post, you can check out past posts about Rhea Lana’s. These share part shopping experience, helpful tips/hints, how to consign, etc.

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Hope to see you at the sale! Can’t wait to show you what I find!

Disclosure of Material Connection: This is a “sponsored post.” In exchange for this post I will receive an early shopping pass to attend Rhea Lana’s so I can share a personal review of my shopping experience. My opinions were in no way influenced by the company, all thoughts are my own. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”


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  1. I wish they had one of those near me! Kids’ clothes are SO expensive these days.

    • Have you checked the website to see if there is a Rhea Lana’s close by? They have SO many locations with new ones being announced all the time. Also, visit their Facebook Page to see if they are announcing any new locations. It’s definitely helpful and makes clothes shopping much easier on my budget. I’ll be posting my shopping experience later this week!

  2. I need to find a good cosign place around us. My kids have officially gone through the boxes upon boxes of hand me downs that we have received. Time to start buying!

  3. Looks like a cool way to get your shopping done! I am ready to move to spring!

    • It’s definitely my favorite way to get all my shopping done. I went last weekend, scored pretty much our daughter’s entire wardrobe! And perfect timing since temps will be close to 80 some days this week (ice/snow last week, warm and pretty this week).

  4. most my child’s clothes are second hand. Kids grow too fast, it makes perfect sense to buy used.

    • I don’t think I’ll ever understand those who will only shop brand new. As fast as little ones grow, I can’t see spending that much money. I also can’t see spending $25-30 on one shirt for a child to wear knowing how messy children are. But that’s just me 🙂 I like shopping second hand because I”m able to afford the cute name brand stuff, I’m able stretch our budget farther and since I save money, I can get fun extras here and there.