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Disclosure:“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Pull-Ups. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.”

Huggies Pull-Ups

Remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned how excited I was to be a Pull-Ups First Flush Ambassador and for us to once again start our potty training journey? Well, I’m back to update on how we are doing and I am even more excited now after seeing all the progress Abby has made in such a short about of time! This time, it was like something finally clicked and it all made sense to her and she suddenly was all about going potty. She was excited, she asked to go, she was so proud of herself each time! With the help of Huggies Pull-Ups, I made just a few little changes that ended up having a big impact! While I wasn’t doing anything wrong, I did pick up some really help tips and advice from the Pull-Ups Website and those few little things seemed to be just what we needed. I guess it made things more fun for her, more interesting, more appealing.

When our package of Pull-Ups arrived, she immediately insisted on opening a package and putting one on. Nevermind the fact that she was already wearing one, the exact same one she insisted on putting one. Oh no, the package arrived and it was for her and there was obviously something special about this package of pull-ups… at least according to her anyways. Hey, whatever works right? If it would make her happy, make her want to try potty training and really work on this, I had no problems letting her put on one of the new pull-ups and thinking they were better in some way.

Next on the list, taking a look at all the fun activities listed on the Pull-Ups Website. I wanted her to sit down and look with me so she could see everything for herself. She saw the timer featuring her favorite Monster’s University characters, we set up a phone call from her favorite characters and even created a personalized Potty Training Progress Chart for her that features Minnie Mouse! I liked that I could create the chart just for her, I could choose what went on it so that it went along with our potty training routine. This way it helped encourage her even more!

Potty Training Chart

To help get her even more excited about potty training, we went out and purchased a new potty seat, new panties of her choice and even all the potty necessities to create a “Potty Training On the Go” bag for when we are away from the house. This way I have everything I need with me for when she’s ready to go and we are out and about running errands. This bag is completely separate from her diaper bag, we only put items needed for when we go potty in it. There’s her potty seat, her pull-ups (just in case), flush-able wipes (again just in case we need a little more than just toilet paper), hand sanitizer, and even a change of clothes. So far, we have only needed the potty seat (don’t worry, it doesn’t go directly in the bag and get cleaned every night. I have a stash of Walmart bags tucked in the very bottom for it) and she is so proud when she gets to take the potty bag inside.

potty bag

Just a few things we have in her
“Potty Training On The Go” Bag

The Pull-Ups are really helping her get ready for wearing panties, they are super easy to pull up and down and don’t tear easily. They are less bulky than others which makes them more like panties under her clothes plus they allow her to somewhat feel when she’s wet so she knows more of when she really needs to go. That was a big problem with the other kind we were using, she couldn’t really tell if she was wet so it wasn’t helping to remind her. Huggies Pull-Ups don’t leak on her which helps her be more confident plus the really cute designs and her favorite characters make them fun to wear; she prefers the princess ones most of all of course.

With all the progress she’s been making, I even went ahead and downloaded the Big Kids App to my phone for her to have with her at all times, whether while we’re in the car or at night once the computers are shut down. This has proven to help continue to encourage her.

With all the tips and help available on the Pull-Ups Website, Abby has made big improvements and achieved big accomplishments with her potty training in just a few weeks time. We have been trying off and on for almost two years and have never gotten this far with her. This time she is really doing fantastic and I really feel like it’s working for her now. For the first time ever, she asked/told me she needed to go potty while we were at the store! Instead of just ignoring things, she actually did a cute little potty dance and informed me (and half the store) that she needed to go potty. This is actually what lead me to create my Potty Training Bag. At that time, I didn’t have anything at all with me aside from extra pull-ups and I was not at all prepared for her to go on a big potty in public. I absolutely did not want to tell her no and discourage her so we really compromised that night (plus it was a false alarm) but now we are ready for next time it happens!

She even wore panties for an entire day (minus nap and bedtime)!! Oh my gosh, I was SO excited for her! And no accidents, not at all. Granted, she told me every five seconds that she needed to go potty, we literally would finish and walk out of the room just to walk right back in. But that’s okay! She knew it was important that we only go in the potty, we do not go in our panties, and she needs to tell mommy and daddy if she needs to go. She did so amazing that day and I knew it was finally the big day when we took a huge step in the right direction. Huggies Pull-Ups have helped her so much, I know just from seeing all these amazing accomplishments and big steps she’s had just since we became First Flush Ambassadors. All of the celebrating, all of the potty dancing and cheering, all the fun phone calls and activities have made a huge difference. I finally found the few missing pieces that helped finally put us on the right track.

I think she’s finally ready! I really think this time is her time, that she’s going to finally potty train! YAY!

Keep an eye out for my next potty training update; maybe we’ll be fully trained by then!

*I apologize for the really terrible cellphone pictures. My camera battery was drained and I needed to get the pictures so I could finish up. I promise I’ll have better pictures next time!

Disclosure:“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Pull-Ups. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.”


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