The Private and Convenient Paternity Testing Option #sponsored

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The Private and Convenient Paternity Testing Option


When you begin exploring your options for a paternity test, you may come to realize that some options are simply better than others due to a number of factors such as cost, convenience and accuracy. Many people still opt for lab testing that costs four to five times the amount which is surprising especially when you consider the fact that a home testing kit is accurate, convenient, easily completed, completely secure and totally confidential. There are few, if any, drawbacks to the utilization of this system, and the advantages are many.

Easily Completed Process

The process for completing this system is incredibly simple, as only four steps are required of you as you determine or confirm the paternity of a child:

  • Kit registration – Once you receive your kit, you will have to register its serial number through a secure online form
  • Sample collection – The materials for DNA collection are included in the kit, along with thorough and easy to follow instruction regarding how to proceed
  • Send in your samples – The testing kit includes a postage-paid envelope for shipping to the laboratory so that testing can be conducted
  • View your results – Once the samples are received, the turnaround time is quick. After three to five days, you will know the paternity of the child

Accurate, Affordable and Secure

Clearly, it is of paramount importance that the testing methodology is accurate. Using homeDNA testing products ensures that you are using the most accurate testing method available. Not only is the test accurate, but it is also affordable. This accurate and affordable home testing option is also handled in a secure fashion, and all of the information you supply is treated as confidential.

Methodology of DNA Testing

A DNA paternity test is the most accurate methodology available, and it tests paternity by identifying and matching specific DNA sequences. This involves the testing for chromosomal locations that help in determining conclusively the issue of paternity. Most labs use 16 chromosomal locations in order to ensure accuracy, while some other companies will use as few as eight. This allows the company to test for 15 identity markers within those chromosomal locations and to use the other to confirm the sex of the person tested. Using these locations and markers enables testing to predict the probability of paternity by up to 99.99999 percent.

Review Your Results Quickly

The process of determining the paternity of a child is a very daunting and anxious time, so it is important to be able to review your results quickly. This testing method allows for a quick turnaround of three to five days upon receipt of the sample materials, and if necessary, an expedited service is available for even quicker results. Due to the quickness and accuracy of this testing method, the opportunity exists for stress to be alleviated and the anxiety levels of all involved parties to be reduced as you await the results.

Ensure Conclusive Results

While it is not completely necessary to have the mother of the child tested as part of a home paternity test, it can have an impact on the paternity results. It is always best to have the mother tested, as this will help to ensure results that are significantly more conclusive than if the mother is not tested. In matters that involve issues of paternity, it is usually best to avoid any actions that may raise future doubt. Engaging in comprehensive testing in this way may help you accurately determine the paternity of a child.

Paternity Testing and Legality

If you are in need of a paternity test for use in a court of law, there are specific measures that must be taken. The DNA samples must have an established chain of sample custody, and the identities of the parties tested must proved. While this may not be possible with this home test, there are accommodations that may be able to be made by contacting the company to address your specific testing needs.

Paternity Testing May Be Difficult, but the Process Is Worthwhile

There are many emotions that come into play as you seek to determine the paternity of a child. These emotions can be somewhat mitigated through the use of a home test, as schedules are easily accommodated and all the involved parties feel less stress from being in a familiar and comfortable environment.


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