Monica + Andy “We Deliver When You Deliver” Review #sponsored

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I received a review product from Monica + Andy in order to share my personal opinion.

Don’t you just love finding out friends and family are pregnant, going to all the baby showers and celebrating each new little bundle of joy? I definitely get excited every time a friend calls me to say she’s expecting, I immediately start thinking about the precious new little one soon to arrive and what sweet little gift I would like to get for mommy and baby. In the past, I stuck to the same ‘ole normal stuff. A cute little onesie, a blanket, maybe a rattle or stuffed animal, aside from picking out particular items I specifically wanted to get (all while sticking to the mommy-to-be’s preferences of course), I never really ventured past the traditional items. I never got all that creative and now I really wish I had.

All of a sudden it seems like everyone I know is expecting! Seriously, I must have gotten at least ten emails in two days informing me of friends who were having a baby soon. I was so excited for each of them and I knew this time around I wanted to do something a little different for each of them.

When I was contacted to do a review for Monica+Andy, I knew I had found the perfect solution to my shopping dilemia (come on, shopping for at least ten baby gifts!? I was a bit overwhelmed on “creative/unique” ideas). The more I read about the amazing new campaign that just launched, the more excited I was to share with everyone. Here was something so different and so unique, something that every mom would really love as they welcomed their new little one.

Okay, let me stop real quick and fill you in on Monica+Andy:

A Children’s Clothing Line with a Story in Mind
Introducing Monica+Andy

Finding time to shop for your children is rare–finding a children’s clothing line that is reliable, functional and fashionable is an anomaly. Hence why working “mom-trepreneur”, Monica Royer created Monica+Andy, an online infant and toddler clothing line.

After having a baby two years ago and being homebound with her newborn daughter during a particularly bad winter Monica realized that there had to be a better way to shop online for baby clothes. She wanted to be able to shop boutique quality baby clothing from her own home. Encouraged by the online success of her brother Andy (Dunn), the founder of online men’s apparel company, Bonobos, Monica, who always had a passion for fashion, recognized another opportunity to create an online only, community-driven brand. A product line designed with a story in mind–that grows with children and parents. Monica and Andy have always been a brother and sister team. So it was only fitting that for a brand inspired by this bond, their mother suggested this name. Beginning this November, parents can see the beginning of that story with the launch of Monica + Andy (

To Royer and the other moms she enlisted to be a part of the mom-board, there were certain areas that the line needed to focus on: quality, functionality, design and service She also enlisted the help of co-founder Brian Bloom. Brian a recent graduate of University of Chicago’s Booth school of business brings another unique perspective and dimension to the team. Over the past year the founders touched over 30 blends to procure the softest fabrics possible. In addition, the fabric is phalates-free, lead-free, and choke-hazard free (pull-test approved). For functionality the team focused on creating a hybrid of great-looking children’s clothing that kids can also have fun in–hence why the design combines fun, unique graphics and colorful selection into a modern, playful collection. All samples were highly scrutinized by the mom-board before approving for production.

“We know if we wouldn’t put our own kids in it, it’s not worth making,” explains Royer.

Knowing that service matters as much as the product, the team created customer service storks -a team of customer service reps comprised of real moms who embody the Monica+Andy culture.

Monica+Andy features onesies, dresses, tops and bottoms for ages 0 to 3T, with ambitions to grow from there. Featured items include the Stella dress (decorated with purple bows), the Jack Baby long sleeve onesie (decorated with blue and white striped elephants), and the ‘Zev at the Zoo’ tunic. Pieces are named after the team’s own children.

Monica+Andy is heavily focused on engaging local moms in part-time and job sharing functions. The website will also feature third-party curated goods, assisting other “Mom-trepreneurs” to advance their own small businesses by offering them for sale on the site’s Market Mom platform. is now live.

Monica_Andy. We make clothing for your little adventurers, discoverers, artists, scientists, chefs, and explorers. We believe in everyday adventures. We believe the experiences we share with our kids today will make them who they are tomorrow. We believe in the moment. We believe in a world full of creativity. We love when siblings are best friends. That is the friendship and the inspiration behind Monica + Andy. This is why we exist.

Sounds amazing right!?

It gets even better!

Monica+Andy recently began a new campaign for new moms called “We deliver when you deliver”.

Monica + Andy is offering their amazing muslin blankets delivered right to your loved ones at the hospital after she delivers. A much better alternative than flowers–this is something the new mom can actually wrap their baby in to take home in, and take their first photos with.

There will have three girls and three boys options. The blankets are 47 x 47 double-layer cotton muslin blanket, 100% pre-washed cotton.
1. A cotton cuddller $48
2. The cotton cuddler and burp cloth $70
3. The cotton cuddlier/ burp cloth and muslin blanket $135

These will be hand delivered by “storks” in Chicago and shipped overnight in the entire US.

Doesn’t that sound like an awesome gift to send to a new mom at the hospital? And this is absolutely perfect for those who have friends and family out-of-town having babies. I have so many friends who live out-of-state and after a while, I get tired of just sending flowers. I always want to send something more special and this is absolutely perfect. I think it’s super cute that the packages are hand delivered by “storks” for those in the Chicago area.

I headed to the Monica+Andy website to learn more about the “We deliver when you deliver”. There are actually two option, the “We deliver when you deliver” hospital and “We deliver when you deliver” home. I wanted to learn more about the hospital option so I headed for that link. As the page clearly states, it’s as easy as A, B, C!

A: you hear a friend is in labor

B: visit and pick a Cuddle Box

C: an extra special Cuddle Box is delivered overnight to mom and baby at the hospital

It can’t get any easier than that! Especially when some of my pregnant friends live thousands of miles away!

Okay, I’m not sure about everyone else, but I would love a sweet little blanket for my precious new little one. I think of all the things I packed when I headed to the hospital, I completely forgot all of the cute little blankets I had purchased for Abby. Of course, we have the one from the hospital but it would have been nice to have a special, more personal one to take some of her very first pictures with.

For the “We deliver when you deliver”, you have three different Cuddle Box options. *Links feature the Girl Boxes

Hospital Cuddle Box Option 1
Send a super sweet Cuddle Box with our receiving blanket to wrap baby in for their first pictures and cuddles. Our COMING HOME IN COTTON BLANKET is the perfect soft blanket to bring baby home in.

Hospital Cuddle Box Option 2
Send a super sweet Cuddle Box complete with our COMING HOME IN COTTON receiving blanket with matching soft BIBTY BURPETY BOO BIB+BURP CLOTH IN MUSLIN. 

Hospital Cuddle Box Option 3
The best of the best Cuddle Boxes. This includes our COMING HOME IN COTTON receiving blanket, BIBTY BURPETY BOO BIB+BURP CLOTH IN MUSLIN, and our LUXURY MUSLIN ALWAYS BLANKET. 

We actually had the opportunity to review one of the Monica + Andy blankets packaged up for a new mommy and baby. While opening the package, I tried to think as if I was at the hospital and just had my baby girl. I was quite impressed with the packing, it’s wrapped up so sweet and this is a huge plus since those shipping it out-of-town won’t see it before hand. I know some worry that a package shipped will just be shipped like “a package shipped” if you know what I mean. This little package was wrapped up in tissue paper and wrapped with a pretty bow.



I thought the “Baby on Board” sign was a sweet little touch


I love how the blanket is tied with a pretty bow. I chose the Purple Elephant print because I just love little elephants. There are several super cute designs available.


The blanket is so soft! And I really like how it includes a tag that isn’t itchy/stiff. Abby is super sensitive to things like tags and this one doesn’t bother her at all. A huge plus for a newborn’s delicate skin.






Monica + Andy Luxury Always Blanket

This has definitely become her favorite blanket. She didn’t sleep well the other night and was so tired, she curled up in the floor to watch a movie and next thing I know she’s sound asleep. Although light-weight, the blanket is really warm and perfect naptime.

Abby has really fallen in love with her new blanket. It’s so much warmer than I expected it to be and so incredibly soft. This is usually the blanket she grabs to curl up with and to take on long car rides. It is definitely a blanket that will grow with her, it is plenty big for her right now at the age of three and once she outgrows it, she’ll be able to use it for her dolls. I really like the size of it, so many of the baby blankets we had when she was little were so small she quickly outgrew them. This blanket would have been perfect to have and I could see us putting it to use over the years.

Overall, I was quite impressed with the products and package. After taking a look around the website to learn more about all that is offered, I will be keeping the “We deliver when you deliver” in mind for all my friends having babies this year!

Make sure to stop by the website and see all the amazing products Monica + Andy offers! While my post focuses on the “We deliver when you deliver”, Monica + Andy offers several wonderful products including clothing, headbands and precious little hats.

Disclosure: I received the above mentioned product(s) free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Opinions expressed are 100% my own; my opinions were in no way influenced by the company. This review contains my honest thoughts and opinions of the product(s); I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. My thoughts and opinions of the product(s) may differ from yours; I am not liable for any issues you may incur from use of above mentioned product(s). If you have any questions you are welcome to contact me. A huge thank you to Monica + Andy for providing the review product!


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