Deer Always Win… Always. Time to go Car Shopping…

Don’t you just love when your plans and schedule get totally thrown off? I had planned to get several posts and giveaways up but something very unexpected happened and keep me quite busy. I know I mentioned on Facebook that new giveaways would post and some of you noticed me missing. I appreciate all the messages checking on us! I kept thinking I would get to things, that I would find a few spare moments one night to finish up. Yet here it is Monday and nothing is done.

That is because this happened:


Super early Thursday morning, a phone call from my husband woke me up long before my alarm was set to go off. He had hit not one but two deer on his way to work, his vehicle was barely driveable and he was sitting at the local collision center. The good news? He was okay.

Thank goodness!

Nothing else mattered except that he was okay. A vehicle can be repaired and replaced, all I cared about was my husband being unhurt. Once I knew that, I could start asking questions and figuring out what happened and what we needed to do.

I spent most of Thursday on the phone with the insurance company (oh my what a headache that was!) before going to pick him up. Technically, the vehicle wasn’t drivable. We learned the hard way how important it is to have a good insurance company. One that actually cares about their customers and helps in situations like this. Dealing with the insurance company all day Thursday and again today was a total nightmare! But that’s a story for a different post.

Ever since that stressful day, my days have somewhat run together and I’ve just been resting. Stress makes my brain hurt 🙂 okay, trying to be funny but seriously, my headaches have been getting worse due to the extra pressure on my brain and rough days really do a number on me. I haven’t slept well, I’m just been taking it easy around the house. Sitting at my computer desk is quite painful at times and often I can’t concentrate enough to put my thoughts into text. Plus we had gorgeous weather on Saturday and I really wanted to get out and enjoy the day with Abby and Hubby.

I actually wrote this on a notepad on my phone while resting in bed. Yep, funny how thoughts suddenly come together and start flowing. It’s usually when I’m not prepared to write anything down.

As for Hubby’s vehicle? It’s totaled. It doesn’t look too terrible in the pictures but the pictures don’t quite show everything plus he mentioned something about everything inside and the entire frame shifting. According to the collision center’s estimate, those stubborn does did over $3,000 worth of damage! Yes, it was two does of all things. They were running across the road, saw my husband and just stopped. Stopped and just stood right in the way staring at him. I’m just thankful it wasn’t a buck, seeing the damage the doe did when she hit the windshield… horns would have definitely come in on him.

For now we are having to share my van. Definitely NOT fun. Our lovely insurance company removed rental coverage from both vehicles without my knowledge, I had the joy of finding out the hard way when we actually needed it. We are hoping to find him something new soon. For now, Abby and I will be hanging out around the house quite a bit.

I told hubby not to have any more arguments with any deer. Didn’t he know they always win? 🙂

As for those giveaways I mentioned… they are coming up later tonight and first thing Tuesday morning. I promise! Thank you for being patient!




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  1. I’m sorry for all you’ve gone through. That sounds terrible! I’ve never hit a deer but I’ve always worried about it, especially when it’s dark outside. They can come at you in a split second. I’m glad your husband is okay.

  2. Janice Cooper says:

    Oh my goodness. Thank God your hubby is ok. This could have been much worse. I’ve heard horror stories about people hitting deer and its not always good. You can replace the car, not your husband. God was looking out for your family. Take care and hope your hubby gets a new snazy car soon 🙂

  3. We just bought a new Jeep in the last week in december, 3 weeks ago my fiance had a deer run into the side of his car and it cracked the bumper, the fender and the grill. Somehow the headlight was ok. He used the state farm app to submit a claim right away and he had a claim number within minutes. He didnt think it could be that fast so he called the 1800 number and they confirmed it was that easy. They gave him a list of shops to take it to. The first shop said it would be about 6 weeks before they could do any work on it. The car was technically driveable, but the fender was hanging weird and we were afraid with any significant snow that it would just fall right off. He called a different place and they said they could at least look at it right away and it would probably only be 2-3 days to fix it. Luckily they were able to snap everything back in place until the parts came in (which was over a weekend). It was about 3,000 worth of damage, but luckily we only had to pay the $500 deductible! Thank stinks that your car had to be totaled!

  4. Oh wow. Good thing it didn’t come up in the windshield. I’ve never hit a deer and a deer has never hit me and I hope to keep it that way lol.

    • This was my husband’s first time to ever hit a deer and I still tease him that he was talented enough to hit two instead of one. Knock on wood, I’ve never hit one myself although I’ve hit plenty of possums and raccoons and those make a big thud when you center them in a low vehicle.