Santa Flower Pots Filled with Hugs & Kisses Craft

This Christmas I decided to get a little creative with gifts for Abby’s grandparents. Our budget was insanely tight this year but I still wanted to do something special for them. The more I thought about it the more I questioned what would make a special gift. My thoughts on gift giving changed this year (more on that in a different post) and I wanted to go beyond just the simple something and find something that would have meaning behind it. Kinda hard to do with a budget that pretty much didn’t exist. I knew I could figure out something if I really tried.

I decided that nothing is more special than something created especially for someone. Now I wanted to go beyond the simple child’s crayon scribble page but knew that making the grandparents something from Abby would mean so much more to them. Problem was, I’m not much of a crafty/creative person. I searched online, spent hours on Pinterest, found tons of ideas but none that I knew I could really pull off without spending a fortune. Finally a thought came to mind… I had these two little flower pots sitting in my craft area that I had been meaning to use for months. I had lots of ideas for them but then never had time to do anything so they just sat untouched. I considered options of what I could do with them, I had an idea in mind but when I mentioned it to others for help they always pointed me in different directions of “better” ideas. Well I’m pretty stubborn and decided I would give my idea a chance.

My idea was to take these two little flower pots and turn them into cute little Santa pots filled with hugs and kisses for the grandparents from Abby. Sounded simple enough… right?

First order of business was to attempt to smooth down the paint “drips” on the pots. Yes I picked these flower pots up at a yard sale or something similar and the person who had them obviously had attempted her own little crafty project. Unfortunately for me those paint drips/lines/whatever you want to call them were going to cause problems. So I got busy sanding. Thank goodness hubby remember to bring home some sandpaper!

When the paint lines were smoothed as best as possible it was time to paint. I had the red spray paint already from creating one of my neat picture frames so I got busy spraying the flower pots and hoping to cover up all that excess paint. Of course I didn’t think to do any of this during those warm days we had (actually I did but hubby failed to bring home the sandpaper) so I had to deal with the cold. Three coats of red paint and the pots looked good! Problem now was getting them to dry!! The cold weather was not my friend and I needed these ready for the next day (again, hubby’s fault it was so last minute lol).

I ran into a slight problem when I realized I didn’t have any black paint. I wanted to paint Santa’s belt around the top of the flower pot and now wasn’t sure what to do. Lucky for me, hubby had black spray paint so he taped up the pot and headed back outside to spray the rim and inside. To say I was stressd was an understatement! It was close to 1am when he finally got both coats on… I didn’t think the pots were ever going to dry!!

Once dry all that was left was to fill them with hugs and kisses, tie the ribbon and wrap them up. At first I was just going to fill them with Hersey’s Kisses but then remembered Hersey also made Hugs and just had to include those! Since it was so last minute hubby had to make a quick trip to the store for the hugs, kisses and bags to fill. I didn’t want to just pour the candy in the flower pot so I had he look for those cute holiday decorate candy bags. Unfortunately he couldn’t find any so simple plastic storage bags (the kind that you just tie close) would work, a quick trip of the top and pretty ribbon and it looked great.

As for the belt buckle, well I ran into another problem of not having the paint so at the very last second I discovered that the wrapping paper hubby used had Santa belt buckles that worked perfectly with a tiny bit of glue! Problem solved and didn’t have to wait for more paint to dry!

Filled with Hugs & Kisses with a cute note saying “Hugs & Kisses for ____ ♥ Abby”

I don’t know why I second guessed myself so much on this project, it was super simple and turned out so cute! The flower pots were a huge hit with the grandparents and it meant so much to actually make something for them! This would work great for parties, other holidays, can be filled with all kinds of different things. I’ll definitely be using this idea again soon 🙂


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  1. That is too cute..wish I would of thought of something like that for the teachers for Christmas. Love that idea.

  2. so cute!

  3. Oh, so love this idea. You know I love any crafty projects which I can also include my daughter in it. Love, love it.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. This is the cutest idea ever! Love it!

  5. I wish I had read about this earlier, it’s SO cute!

  6. this would make a cute Christmas gift.

  7. Tammy Dowdy says:

    This is going to be on my to do this year love it

  8. What size pots did you use?

  9. Thanks for this great idea-can hardly wait to start making some!

  10. What would you charge if you sold them?

    • Hi Cindy!
      I’ve actually sold a few between $10-$20 just depending on how much of the materials I’ve had on hand.


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