DIY Minnie Mouse Flowerpot Centerpiece

Between the tight budget and being inspired by Pinterest pins, I decided to get a little crafty and make a centerpiece for Abby’s 2nd birthday party. Typically… crafty doesn’t belong anywhere in a sentence about me, I have huge ideas but am never talented enough to bring my ideas to life. This time I really felt like I could create her special centerpiece and I really wanted to be able to do it for her. I chose a simple project (well, from the pictures it looked simple) and planned for a month. I gathered most of my supplies, shared my idea with others and informed them I was going to make this cute creation…and like always I waited until the last minute to do anything. I was at Walmart the night before her party buying supplies, up until 4 am painting and finishing up. However, my hard work paid off! I managed to make my daughter an adorable Minnie Mouse Flowerpot centerpiece for her party! Best of all, I can either leave it set up as the centerpiece and add it to her room as fun decor or plant flowers in it just for her.

I put hubby to work hunting down a flowerpot for me, since I was going to paint it I really didn’t want to go buy a brand new one. It’s yard sale time of year plus people are always moving and getting rid of random items they don’t feel like taking with them. I figured it wouldn’t be too hard to find an old flowerpot somewhere. It took a few days but he managed to find two! Nothing fancy, pretty dirty but that was okay since I had big plans for it. (I plan to paint the second one for cute outside decor)


I gave hubby the fun task of spray painting, I was busy making cupcakes and he’s better at it anyways. I wanted a fun Minnie Mouse pink…just my luck, Walmart only had two color options. A very light baby pink or a nice Watermelon pink (normally I would go elsewhere for the paint but remember, this was last minute the night before). I went with the Watermelon, I had a feeling it would be just right. Hubby questioned my opinion but he went with it. I think he did a total of three coats to get it just right.

(this is where I would post a picture of the painted pot…but considering the time, I was not fully awake and forgot to take a picture before I started painting polka dots)

It was about 4am when I finally sat down to paint the white polka dots on so I decided it would be smart to make a circle pattern instead of trying to completely free hand everything. Since this was a small project I really didn’t feel like spending a fortune on a big bottle of white paint plus a pack of paint brushes since I only needed one. Again, my selection of materials was insanely limited. I finally settled on White Out. Yep, White Out…hey, it worked and looked great and it didn’t matter if it lasted a long time as long as it lasted for the party. *the bottle I got had the little sponge tip instead of the brush, I think this helped it work better.


(sorry for the terrible picture, again I was exhausted but I did take this picture to send to my brother who I decided to text at 4am since I knew he was awake at work. I needed someone to keep me company. Don’t you just love my very messy/cluttered work area)

I had planned to somehow make the Minnie Mouse heads, then got extremely lucky when a lady posted some for sale in one of the online yard sale pages on Facebook. Talk about my lucky day! She had recently made crafts for her daughter’s Minnie Mouse party and had several things for sale, including three heads two of which were on rods. Unfortunately she did Red & White and I’m doing Pink & White so I couldn’t use most of her items. Since the bows were removable I could easily replace them. Finding her post took a huge stress off my shoulders. To go along with the Minnie Mouse heads I got some styrofoam cubes, that I ended up cutting in half, some pretty pink flowers and white paper shreds. Once again I lucked out and discovered that Abby has two pink and white polka dot bows that are almost identical and would look perfect for Minnie! I didn’t even attach the bows, just sat them in place when I was ready to put everything out.

Minnie Mouse Flower Pot Centerpiece

I am beyond thrilled with how cute it turned out! I’m also proud of myself for being able to create this for my daughter, it meant a lot to me to make something for her. Everything means more when you create it and I love it much more than anything I could have bought at the store. I love how the centerpiece looks!
Minnie Mouse Birthday Decor
Thanks to Pinterest, I found this super easy craft to help make Abby’s birthday even more festive with Minnie Mouse! And it might seem a little too easy to those of you who are super crafty…for someone like me that isn’t crafty at all, this was a big project and I love that I was able to make it come out looking cute. It has encouraged me to try more things and now I have a list of crafts projects I want to try!
As for the flowerpot, I’m hoping to find some pretty pink flowers and use this flower pot to plant them just for Abby, something bright and pretty just for her.

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  1. That is just too cute! I love it. What a neat, thrifty idea!

  2. Very cute!!! You did really well with that.

  3. I love your decorations! It all came together beautifully and you’ll always have the photos to remind her how perfect the day was. Great job.

  4. I totally love this!

  5. What a fantastic idea and I really like that the pot is reusable and will make an adorable piece to grow flowers in this summer.

  6. that is totally adorable! what a cute idea!

  7. Meg Liani says:

    Adorable!! I love this! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for sharing!

  8. Miranda Welle says:

    Oh my gosh. Wow! I love it. Super cute and looks super easy! Great job.

  9. Looks so cute!

  10. Maryann D. says:

    This flower pot is very cute and creative. I love the idea of a Minnie Mouse party, my daughter would have loved that when she was younger.